Monday, November 13, 2017


Hello Friends,
I hope you all are well, so glad you stopped by.  Not much going on the past few weeks.  Oh, one very exciting thing...I went on a bus trip to Asheville, NC to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF).  It was a rainy day, but who cares when you're not bothered with driving?  I met some of the most amazing knitters and dyers. I promise to be a better blogger at my next Fiber event.  I was so caught up in everything, I completely forgot to pull out my camera.  (that's when you now you're having fun folks!)

The week following SAFF, was Halloween.  I'm not all that into Halloween, but we do a little decorating (very little). 
I created candy bags because the papercrafter in me loves such holidays and jumps at the chance to play with my die cutting machines and papers.
There was some knitting.  I finished The Slog!!  Here it is blocking. 
Here it is finished.  
My current projects include the 2nd Avenue by Amy Miller and the Neon Vanilla socks for my daughter (no pattern).
The progress on the socks is steady, but not necessarily flying off the needles.  I think that catches you all up with what's been going on with me over the past few weeks.  What are you working on?  Any finishes?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall and Catching Up

Oh hello!
It's been a few weeks since my last blog post.  I'm still trying this thing out you know.  I feel I have lots to share, but very little time to share it. We'll keep going like this and see how it goes, hows that?  A shout out to Andi over at My Sister's Knitter blog for the encouragement!!  Love you Andi!

Well, let me start off by asking, have you seen Fall?  If so, please tell her we're missing her in the South.  We did have one beautiful Fall weekend a couple of weeks ago and just in time for our town's annual Fall Festival 5K.
My youngest daughter and I always try to make this fun run.  It's become kind of tradition and sets off the season for us.  The following weekend, I had the pleasure of getting together with a couple of great knitting friends. We had so much fun!! We spent the entire weekend together and we were like kids, no one was ready to go home at the end.  We did a group cast on for a project [2nd Avenue by Amy Miller]and flashed our project bags over Instagram showing our lovely host's beautifully decorated for the season table. 
 No, your eyes don't deceive you, we have matching Fringe Supply Field bags.  Here's a look at my color selection for our project.
And my project status...believe me not much has changed on my project from that weekend because I had to frog my first go at because of my previous poor color selection.  I think this is a winning combo, so I've restarted the project and loving the thought of my friends knitting it too.
And no knitting weekend would be complete without a trip to the yarn store.  Here's the only picture of my loot in it's entirety because we all know...A Lady Never Discusses the Size of Her Yarn Stash.
There is a little life to chat about this time around.  I've been having shoulder pain for a few months and dismissed it as a pulled muscle, it turns our its a little bit more than that.  I have a rotator cuff impingement.  I'm getting physical therapy for it and thank goodness my knitting didn't cause it, nor is it affecting my knitting!! 

I hope you have a lovely next few weeks and enjoy your LIFE and KNITS!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Slog and Fall

Hope you're doing well and weathering the storms...all of them.  The weather here has been very warm, well hot!  The calendar says its Fall, I'm not convinced.    And just as my current project The Slog gets bigger, the temps outside won't get cooler.  I am enjoying this project don't get me wrong, but its taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r it seems to see much progress.  
 The Slog is formally known as the Flat White Wrap by C. C. Almon/JavaPurl Designs, it's part of an e-book of patterns Coffee with C.C. (and Dami Too) ~ Another 7 Pattern Caffeine Inspired Knitting Collection. It's a good thing the yarn is lovely to work with.  I'm using Manos del Uruguay Alegria in the Sand colorway. Here it is up close.  
One other project I'm working on is a pair of socks. I'm not really a neon girl, but I do love this pink. It's so neon, it doesn't even photograph well.  This is a slow go too. I don't know if I like knitting socks magic loop.  I think I prefer dpns.  I know...
What are you working on?  Any slog projects on your needles? 

Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

So it begins, again...

As I sit to write this blog post it feels familiar and strange.   I've been a blogger before so it's familiar, that blog was where I blogged about my cardmaking and papercrafting adventures (fun times).  Now, I've slowed down the pace in my life a bit and have been bitten by the knitting bug.  Yes, I still papercraft and make cards, but not as much as I knit.  Knitting is a huge part of my life now and has been a healthy obsession.  If somehow you're reading this blog and don't knit, give it a try!  It will change your life!

Thank you for stopping by and giving me a look-see.  I hope you come back and share what you're working on, and see what I'm up to.  I can't wait to share my life and knits with you.

Bye for now!